1. Promo Code & Discount

1.1 You need to enter the promo code exactly as it was given to you without any spaces. Type or paste the promo code into the promo code box. Once you have entered the code, click on submit and it will add to the code of your order.

1.2 You must enter the discount or promo code upon checking out as it cannot be applied later.

1.3 If you find that the promo code is not working then please check below :
(i) You can only use one discount or promo code per order.
(ii) Discount or promo code cannot be used for any gift voucher.
(iii) Codes may be valid for a certain items and majority of the promo codes will have an expiry date.
(iv) Some codes only apply for specific countries or specific people. If the promo codes sent to you via email, that means the code is locked to the email address. Make sure you are trying to use the code using your MIXANDMATCHOFFICIAL account that has the same email address we sent the code to.
(v) If your discount or promo code is still not working, please contact our customer service team at info@mixandmatchofficial.com

  1. Purchase a Gift Voucher

2.1 Purchasing a voucher is easy. Just decide on:
(i) Who do you want to send it to
(ii) How much you want to spend
(iii) When you want the lucky person to receive it

2.2  It may take up to 24 hours for the gift voucher to be sent after you have placed the order. Once the voucher has been received, it can be used anytime within the next six (6) months.

2.3 You can use the voucher at once.